Aula Orientalis XXXIV

Nº 34 (2016) vol. 1    
pp. 5-191.

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Bojowald, S.. Etymologische Kleinigkeiten II: das ägyptische Wort "dh", "Kamille",
pp. 5-8.

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Shai Gordin, R. Z. The Illil-mukin-apli Dossier: A Case Study from the Murashu Archive in the Context of Taxation, pp. 37-56.

Márquez Rowe, I. Two Middle Babylonian Atra-hasis Tablets from Babylon  pp. 57-70.

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Moya, L. Los fenicios y los oficios del mar, pp. 123-139.

Oliva Mompeán, J. C. Hurro-Akkadian from Late Bronze Syria Reconsidered,
pp. 139-148.

Viano, M.The Economy of Emar III, pp. 149-178.