Aula Orientalis XXVI

Nº 26 (2008) vol. 1
pp. 5-209.

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Del Olmo Lete, G. Presentation, pp.5-6.

Civil, M. A Sumerian connective particle and its possible Semitic counterparts,
pp. 7-15.

Corriente, F. Drift and/or Interference as Triggers of the evolution of syntactical patterns and their morphemic markers: the case of the evolution of old arabit into neo-arabic,
pp. 17-23.

Del Olmo Lete, G. The postpositions in Semitic: the case of the enclitic -m, pp. 25-59.

Graag, G. An approach to describing afroasiatic templatic morphologies, pp. 61-89.

Kogan, L. Proto-semitic deverbal derivation, pp. 91-115.

Lonnet, A. La marque -i de féminin en (chamito-) sémitique et son développement
en sudarabique moderne oriental, pp. 117-134

Militarev, A. Cognates to orphan Akkadian words, or why Madame Assyriologie should not stand aloof from her less thorough-bred African cousins, pp. 133-140.

Pennacchieti, F. Preposizioni semitiche tra diacronia e sincronia, pp. 143-159.

Sanmartín, J. Defining Semitic words syntactically, pp. 161-178.

Takács, G. Notes on Proto-Semitic anatomical and physiological terminology,
pp. 179-194.

Watson, W. G. E. Notes on the gender of nouns in Semitic, pp. 195-209.