Aula Orientalis XXXIII

Nº 33 (2015) vol. 1    
pp. 5-187.

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Arnaud, D. Une cosmologie lydienne en langue babylonienne: BM 74329,
pp. 5-20.

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Gayubas, A. Warfare and Social Change in Non-state Societies of the Predynastic Nile Valley,
pp. 43-50.

Márquez Rowe, I. Water of labour? A note on the Story of "Sin and the Cow", pp. 51-64.

Padró, J.Grabados rupestres inéditos de Masmas Baja Nubia (Egipto), pp. 65-78.

NPeterson, J. An Archive of Simple Ledgers Featuring the é um-mi-a(k), "House of the Master", at Old Babylonian Nippur:
The Daily Rosters of a Scribal School?, pp. 79-114.

Piquero, J. Micénico pa-ra-ku-we y telas pa-ra-ku-ja: una nueva etimología en el contexto del Oriente Próximo,
pp. 115-126.

Sideltsev, A.Syntax of hittite man "if/ when", pp. 127-140.

Simkó, K.Emery abrasive in the lapidary craft of the Ur III period? Some further remarks on the stone ú-na4-gug
and its Old Babylonian counterpart, pp. 141-156. 359-370.

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